Determining the Gap between Customer Expectation and Management Perception in Banking Services: An Evidence from Jamuna Bank Limited

Md Afzal Hossain, Md Behzad Noor, Mohiuddin Khandakar


The aim of this study is to reveal the perception of bank management regarding its service to the clients. Along with that, it also attempted to uncover customer perception regarding the Jamuna Bank Limited (JBL) services. This study was conducted by exploring primary data through questionnaire method where the Likert’s 5-point scale had been used to know the viewpoints of these two groups. The total sample size for the study was 45. Different statistical tools as univariate data analysis had been adopted to reveal the relevant objectives. The study found that JBL management viewed its services as customer oriented and was able to ensure customer satisfaction. However, the perception of bank management had not been fully shared by the responded customers. Although there exist a gap between customer expectation and bank management perception of the JBL services, this gap was not so much significant in most areas. However, customers want need-based, well-planned, and prompt services of various types of cater of their financial needs. Hence, the bank has the scope to make qualitative improvements to its services.

Aus. J. Acc. Eco. Fin. Vol 2(2), October 2016, P 69-75


Service Quality; Customers’ Expectations; Management Perception; Jamuna Bank Limited

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