Greener Marketing of Rice: Islamic Marketing in Focus

Md. Mominul Islam, Mohammad Morad Hossain


Greener marketing is a form of sustainable marketing that deals with the environmental concern together with catering customers’ needs. As a sustainable orientation, however, greener marketing should enable environmental, economic, and social interests of the stakeholders in a balanced way acting as a holistic approach. This paper aims to view the proven method of organic rice production and marketing potentials of the organic rice seed as an industrial product, organic finish rice as a consumer product and a greener idea to save the world from the environmental hazards since the conventional rice cultivation system and its marketing does not seem to be fully environmental friendly. An in-depth field work was undertaken regarding the production of a sustainable rice seed, a cost-effective and innovative way of taking care of the land following the experimental research method following the Holy Qur’an in tackling the problems of the chemical reliant rice production. The successful experiments have discovered technologies including organic rice production and natural procedure of taking care of the planted seedlings. The experiments show that a sustainable method can be undertaken to offer organic rice to the ultimate consumers with an environmental friendly rice seed to the industrial users focusing the greenery notion that can save us from the environmental problems benefitting the environmental conscious group. Consequently, the findings might be recommended to the world as a greener idea of rice production and its marketing since it possesses zero effects on the environment indicating the Islamic context concerned with the Holy Qur’an.

Aus. J. Isla. Finan. & Busi. Vol 3(2), October 2017, P 50-57


Environment; Greener Marketing; Idea Marketing; Islamic Marketing; Organic Rice; Rice Seed; Sustainability

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