Human Resource Management: Mixing Islamic Principles with Conventional Practices

Md Mominul Islam, Mohammad Morad Hossain


Human resource management is the process of selecting suitable employees, training them with proper motivation, appraising, and retaining them for organizational growth. Since Islamic principles are the contemporary issues in today’s business world including Islamic marketing, Islamic banking, Halal tourism, human resource management possesses worth of integrating Islamic ethics with the ongoing management practices. To the best of our knowledge, no complete study was found dealing with Islamic principles and human resource management. Therefore, this paper aims to contribute in the existing literature providing with necessary Islamic inputs. Existing literatures have been analyzed with the selected verses from the Nobel Quran. In addition, a very simplified model has been proposed for managing human resource in an organization exploring Islamic thought following a qualitative method. The work is likely to add new insights in the business field addressing as an induction in business. Furthermore, a conceptual model suggests that personnel in the organizations may be motivated using the intrinsic values that ultimately may increase organizational productivity resulting in a sustainable human resource development classifying the whole process into three segments, for instance, knowing human, getting them to make resource, and managing them. The concerns aiming to practice human resource management linking with Islamic values as an intrinsic motivator will be benefitted. One of the limitations includes the application of the Quranic theory into practices since this paper is supposed to work as an induction lacking


Aus. J. Isla. Finan. & Busi. Vol 4(1), April 2018, P 1-10


Control; Human Resource; Intrinsic Value; Islamic Principles; Management; Motivation

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