Profit and Loss Sharing Financing, Performance, and Maslahah of Islamic Microfinance in Indonesia

Imron Mawardi, Tika Widiastuti


Profit and loss sharing (PLS) financing should be the main operational characteristic of Islamic financial institutions because it more comply to sharia (Islamic law) and more fair (Chapra, 2001:223). But in fact, PLS-financing in Islamic micro-finance (IMF) in Indonesia is very small, which is about 20% of total financing. Some IMF‟s managers think that PLS-financing is lead to poor performance due to the nature of uncertainty. This study aims at analyzing the effect of PLS-financing on the business performance, social performance, and maslahah (benefits) for stake holders. Maslahah is the purpose of Islamic law (sharia). By this, PLS-financing as the implementation of Islamic law have to improve maslahah for stakeholders. This study uses quantitative approach with partial least square (PLS) analysis. PLS analysis is used to determine the relationships among the latent variables; PLS-financing, business performance, social performance, and maslahah. On this study, all of the latent variables are measured by formative indicators. PLS-financing is formed by mudaraba financing and musyaraka financing. Business performance variable is formed by three indicators; return on assets, performing financing, and financing to deposit ratio. Social Performance variable is formed by three indicators; qard-qardul hasan financing; distributing of alms, infaq, sadaqah; and social funds. Maslahah variable is formed by five indicators; maslahah of owners, executives, employees, government, and society. The results indicate that the PLS-financing affects business performance negatively, but business performance affects the social performance and maslahah positively. By this result, it can be concluded that the allocation of PLS-financing of IMF affects the maslahah negatively. The cause is many PLS-financing given to start up business has high risk.

Aus. J. Isla. Finan. & Busi. Vol 2(1), April 2016, P 17-35


PLS-financing; business performance; social performance; maslahah

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